Proprietary developed software



Comprehensive information system for data stewardship in clinical trials, registries and other clinical/scientific databases.



Comprehensive information system for data stewardship in pre-clinical trials and animal studies (GLP and non-GLP).



Laboratory information and management system for medicinal chemistry, high-throughput screening and chemical biology: Compound registration and management, QA, in vitro biology, pharmacology, data analysis, storage, export and reporting.


automatic building, validation and interpretation of machine learning models for prediction of properties of chemical compounds

PSearch and PMapper

PSearch - ligand-based pharmacophore modeling and virtual screening software

PMapper - Python module for calculation of 3D pharmacophore hashes and fingerprints

IMTM Report

Grant reporting and project management system for multilateral projects.



Software pipeline for mass spectrometry proteomics data analysis and identification of genes sequence alterations from peptide fragmentation data.

IMTM IT Services

IMTM Service Desk

IMTM Service Desk is a help desk request tracker which can be used for receiving, tracking, managing, and resolving requests from customers. Customers can send requests by email or customizable help center. IMTM Service Desk organizes and prioritizes these requests in a single place.

IMTM Private cloud

IMTM file cloud is hosted exclusively on our own private servers so we can assured that our data is under our control.

IMTM HPC Facility

IMTM operates its own HPC facility for bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, genome analyses and many other computations